675 Ponce De Leon Ave., N.E, STE.136, Atlanta, GA - (404) 532-1580

    Chips and Salsa   $6

    a tasting of verde, benne, arbol

    Chips and Guacamole  $12  


    Queso Fundido  $10

    roasted poblano, chorizo, handmade tortillas (dine-in only) 

    Queso Ranchero $7

    melted cheese blend with our ranchero sauce
    Served over Pinquito refried beans with chicharron (vegetarian upon request)
    add chorizo $1

    Charcoal Grilled Chicken Wings  $13

    doused with Valentina

    Veggie Quesadilla $10

    shiitake mushrooms, butternut squash, red onion, cilantro, chihuahua and Oaxaca cheese
    served with cooked salsa verde

    The Minero Caesar Salad  $10

    romaine, cotija, toasted pumpkin seeds, jicama, tortilla strips
    add charcoal grilled chicken, grilled steak, or grilled shrimp: $4 each



    Taco al Pastor  $5.25

    marinated and grilled pork, pineapple, avocado

    Fried Catfish  $5.25

    cabbage, red onion, pickled green tomato tartar

    Charcoaled Chicken  $5.25

    green papaya, lime pickled red onion, cotija, pasilla de Oaxaca

    Grilled Steak  $5.50

    pickled peppers, queso fresco, green onion

    Pork Carnitas  $5.25

    confit, jowl, chicharron, salsa verde, chilmole

    Cauliflower $4.95

    salsa macha, red onion, cotija

    Roasted Shrimp $5.55

    cucumber-jicama slaw, salsa morita


    Lunch Taco Combo Plate $14

    choice of two tacos with refried beans, Carolina Gold rice, and summer squash salad
    *served Monday-Thursday until 3PM* (dine-in only) *excluding holidays

    The Burrito  $11

    make it a bowl! no charge!  add sunny side up egg $1

    queso de Oaxaca, crema, hoppin john, cabbage, avocado, poblano, salsa verde, cilantro
    add charcoaled chicken, achiote pork or grilled steak 4



    Carolina Gold Arroz Rojo – $3.5

    Rancho Gordo Heirloom Beans – $3.5

    Refried Beans – $4

    Side of Guacamole – $2

    Crema – $1



  • Bubbles…..Cava
    White……..Pinot Grigio
    Rose……….Pinot Noir
    Red…………Pinot Noir

  • Margaritas

    House Marg $10

    Pueblo Viejo reposado & añejo tequila, house curacao, fresh lime, orange, agave

    Make it spicy +$1.50

    Pitchers? We got you – $50 

    Frozen Margarita $10

    Blanco tequila, lime, agave

    Mezcal Margarita $12

    Banhez mezcal, lime, agave

    Club Margarita $13

    Herradura blanco, lime, Combier

    Overproof Margarita $11

    104 proof blanco, lime, agave 


    South of Ponce $12

    Woody Creek rye whiskey, mango, lemon, falernum, Angostura bitters

    Sangria $10

    Spanish red wine, citrus, pineapple, aged rum, bitters, Coca-Cola

    Satanico III $12

    Blanco tequila, pineapple, lime, yellow chartreuse

    Cuffing Season $9

    Apple brandy, reposado tequila, housemade spiced grenadine, lime, ginger

    Mezcal Negroni $13

    Los Vecinos mezcal, sweet vermouth, Campari

    Estrellita $12

    Wheatley vodka, Caribbean honey syrup, lemon

    House Special

    Spicy Bois Only $7

    Tall Tecate + Banhez mezcal.

    All day, every day.

  • Mezcal

    1 oz + orange


    San Luis $7.5 • San Andres $7.5 • San Juan $7.5 • St. Ana Del Rio $7.5 • San Miguel Sola $12 


    #1 Madrecruixe (’13) $20 • #14 Potero (’14) $11.5 


    Ilegal Joven $8.5 • Los Vecinos $5  


    Espadin $9 • Guerrero $10 


    Espadin $8 • Elote $9 • Cuixe $12 

    Del Maguey 

    Vida $6 • San Luis Del Rio $12 • Chichicapa $12 • Minero $12 • Crema de Vida $6 • Iberico (’14) $30 • Pechuga (’14) $30 • Madrecruixe $19 

    Rare + Wild Tobala 

    Marca Negra $17.5 • Scorpion $19.5

    What We Like Right Now 

    Gracias a Dios Cuixe $11 • Del Maguey Papalome $19 • Mezcales Nahuales $9 • Gracias a Dios Mexicano $11 • San Baltazar $7.5 • St. Matalan $7.5 

  • Tequila

    1 oz pour


    Blanco• Repo • Anejo

    86 Co. Cabeza 

    $5 • XX • XX 


    $5 • $5.5 • $6

    G4 Premium 

    $6 • $7 • XX

    Casa Noble 

    $6.5 • $8 • $10


    $6 • $6.5 • $7

    Siete Leguas 

    $7 • $7.5 • $8

    El Tesoro

    $8.5 • $9 • $9.5

    Tequila Ocho 

    $9 • $10 • XX


    $8 • $9.5 • XX


    $7.5 • $10.5 • $12


    $6.5 • $7 • $9


    $7.5 • $8.5 • $8.5

  • Rotating Draft Selection…ask us!

    Tecate (16oz)  $5

    Tecate Light (12oz)  $4

    Green Bench Sunshine City IPA $7 

    Dos Equis Lager $5

    Modelo Negra $5.5

    Pacifico $5.5

    Corona Familiar $5.5


    Michelada $6

    Cerveza, lime juice, hot sauce blend served over ice with arbol salt

    Suero Cerveza $6

    Pacifico lager, lime juice, sea salt served over ice.


  • Agua Fresca $3 (changes daily)

    Jamaica Tea $3 (unsweet or sweet)

    Jarritos Mexican Sodas $2.5

    Mexican Coke $2.5

    Mexican Sprite $2.5

  • Build your own taco experience with 20 fresh warm tortillas, Cotija cheese, chopped onion, salsa verde, cilantro, limes and your choice of two meats from below:

    Charcoal Grilled Chicken, citrus marinated
    Al Pastor, marinated and grilled pork with pineapple
    Pork Carnitas, marinated and slow cooked pork shoulder
    Grilled Steak, dressed with garlic Amarillo salsa

    Each kit includes napkins, utensils, service spoons and Valentina hot sauce for your convenience.

    Minero Taco Kit – $75 plus tax

    Menu additions:
    Guacamole and chips for ten – $30
    Chips and three-salsa tasting for ten – $30

    Mexican Cola  $3
    Jarritos, Mexican Sodas  $2.5

    Taco kit orders require 30 minutes notice.
    More than five taco kit orders require 24 hour notice.
    Orders are finalized only upon receipt of credit card payment.
    To place orders, call 404-532-1580


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To create this cocktail, Patrick Schultz of Minero in Atlanta’s Ponce City Market looked further South, drawing inspiration from a traditional hibiscus tea. “Agua de Jamaica is a perfect, thirst-quenching drink you find all over Mexico,” he says. “Adding it to vodka’s friends of lemon, honey, and mint makes perfect sense for a Southern summer.” 

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Where to Find Atlanta’s Best Wings - Eater Atlanta

Once wings started showing up everywhere in Atlanta, wing eaters in the ATL had to come to terms with the fact that it’s impossible to agree on who has the best. While there are dozens of great establishments offering flats, drums, and even that tiny extra part that some people eat as if it actually held meat, some restaurants are leading the wing pack. From smoked to fried, sweet and sour to extra-sauced, including the quintessential Atlanta wing flavor, lemon pepper, here’s a guide to the best wings currently found in metro Atlanta.

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It’s Super Bowl Week, and everyone from Patriots fans to Rams fans (they exist!) to football fans in general are heading to Atlanta to take in the big game. We wanted to know the best places to dine right now in the city, so we called on James Beard Award–winning chef Steven Satterfield of Miller Union to give a guided tour of Atlanta’s culinary gems.

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5 Restaurants to Try This Weekend in Atlanta - Eater Atlanta

I recently attended a progressive dinner through Ponce City Market’s food hall. The dinner made stops at Biltong Bar (absolutely one of the ATL’s top five bars,) W.H. Stiles Fish Camp (“Dub’s”,) Minero for tacos and margaritas, and finally ending at Bellina Alimentari for grappa and desserts. Obviously, there’s not a lot of secret stuff happening in one of Atlanta’s most popular eating destinations — Ponce City Market. But, I want to commend the work of Dub’s executive chef Eaksuree Poonsiripukdeekul, who made what has to be the best oyster shooter I’ve had in the city. Poonsiripukdeekul, who hails from Thailand, created an insanely addictive, super-citrusy shooter using bivalves chef-owner Anne Quatrano’s team source for the restaurant’s raw bar. And, if you haven’t had the shrimp po’boy, I highly recommend ordering that, too — if you don’t overdose on those oyster shooters first. 675 Ponce de Leon Avenue, Atlanta

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Winner: Best wings in Atlanta | Best of Atlanta - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

No need to wing it when it comes to one of Atlanta’s signature foods. 

Last week’s Best of Atlanta poll discovered where you chow down on the best chicken wings in town. 

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Hosted by Executive Chef Nicholas Anderson of City Winery, the event will benefit Giving Kitchen and feature a five-course dinner created by the combined talent of chefs:  Hector Santiago of El Super Pan; Andre Gomez of Porch Light; George Brooks of Botiwalla; Brad Smallwood of The Mercury; Jonathan McDowell of Nine Mile Station; Andy Gonzales of Steinbeck’s Ale House; Woody Back of Table & Main; Chris Wilkins of Root Baking Co.; Arnaldo Castillo of Minero; Christian Perez of City Pharmacy; and Shay Lavi of Rozina Bake House and Coffee.

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Top 10 Food Vendors in Ponce City Market - Culinary Local

I have lived in Georgia for the vast majority of my life, but I lived in Orlando from August 2014 – July 2017. As soon as I moved back, everyone kept telling me about Ponce City Market. When I would say that I hadn’t been there yet, the reaction was always the same. “You have to go! It’s amazing!” I went for the first time a few weeks after moving back, and it really was and is amazing. The old Sears & Roebuck building is absolutely stunning. The selection of stores is awesome, and it’s always fun to go on the weekends with your friends or significant other. One of the best parts of Ponce City Market is the wide variety of food options. You can pretty much eat anything you want, no matter what kind of cuisine you’re looking for! Before you head out, check out this list of the top food vendors in Ponce City Market!

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Where to Drink Margaritas in Atlanta - Eater Atlanta

The refreshing cocktail at its core is made with tequila, orange liqueur, and fresh lime juice and can come fresh, frozen, or on the rocks. With patio seasonunderway in Atlanta, the margarita might be the unofficial warm weather drink. Here are 12 restaurants, unranked and mapped north to south, in which to sip some of Atlanta’s best margaritas.

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Ponce City Market (or PCM as its affectionately nicknamed) has become the hot topic of conversation when Atlantans are searching for the latest, greatest event or seeking the city’s best dining and shopping. 

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12 Tacos Every Atlantan Needs to Try - Zagat

With Cinco de Mayo around the corner, tacos take center stage — and while the city’s bursting with Mexican bites, some of the best are found outside intown Atlanta. Whether ITP, OTP or sticking with that old standby, Buford Highway, the greater metro area offers an impressive array of styles and flavors both traditional and contemporary.

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Taste Atlanta’s Ponce City Market - USA Today

James Beard Award-winning chef Sean Brock brings his cooking to Ponce City Market with Minero, a modern Mexican eatery beloved for its homemade corn tortillas. Of course, you’ll want to kick things off at this sit down spot with fresh chips and guacamole.

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6 spots to get your wing fix in Atlanta - The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

You wouldn’t expect a Ponce City Market taco stall to be cooking up some of the best wings in Atlanta, but that’s exactly what’s happening here. Most of the wings you’ll find in Atlanta are either fried or grilled. These bad boys are grilled over charcoal, giving them the slightly bitter flavor of great barbecue. The crispy skin gives way to juicy, flavorful meat.  They are then doused with Valentina hot sauce. Be careful with your first bite, because you’re going to be hooked immediately.


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Five Atlanta Restaurant Trends To Dig Into - The Atlanta Journal Constitution

Burn it. Blister it. Get it black. That’s the prep method of the moment. Yet, charring is hardly reserved these days for Spanish octopus or seasonal produce that spans from apples to sweet potatoes. Even sauce is game for scorching. Head to Nikolai’s Roof in the Hilton Hotel (255 Courtland St. N.E., Atlanta. 404-572-6548, nikolaisroof.com) for white miso that’s burnt to utter blackness. The dark as night, umami-laden sauce is landing on dishes like beef carpaccio and seared diver scallops with savory cheesecake. And don’t miss the pork carnitas taco at Sean Brock’s new Minero at Ponce City Market (675 Ponce De Leon Ave. N.E., Atlanta. 404-532-1580, minerorestaurant.com) for a taste of chimole, a spicy vinegar made from a puree of blackened chiles and onions. This trend might just be the home cook’s saving grace: “Honey, I burned it on purpose. All the chefs are doing it.”

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The 10 Best Things We Ate In Atlanta In 2015 - Zagat

Chef Sean Brock (Husk, McCrady’s) brings his take on Mexican fare to Atlanta at this Ponce City Market kitchen, a spin-off of his Charleston original doling out regional specialties like tacos and tortas made with local ingredients. Decked out in moody reds and browns, the casual space features a spacious patio and a bar crafting zippy cocktails.

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Ponce City Market Guide - Atlanta

The food hall is home to 15 vendors and restaurants, with at least six more on the way. Not sure where to start? Never fear: We cherry-picked all the best bites and sips. —Evan Mah – See more at: http://www.atlantamagazine.com/list/ponce-city-market-guide/ponce-city-market-guide-where-to-eat/#sthash.dZZTcUjh.dpuf

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30 under 30- Atlanta - Zagat.com

When Sean Brock announced he’d bring his Mexican eatery Minero to Ponce City Market, he tapped Ortiz, formerly of Yebo and Flip, to run the kitchen. Born in Toluca, Mexico, but raised here, he says of the the opportunity: “It’s awesome that we get to make some of the food that my grandmother used to cook for us, but in a restaurant setting.” Atlanta’s positive restaurant scene also keeps him going. “I’ve worked in other cities where the cooks and chefs don’t talk to each other,” he says. “Here, everyone is a lot tighter.”

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Sean Brock Is Opening a Second Minero Outpost at Ponce City Market - Eater Atlanta

Remember those Sean Brock-to-Ponce City Market rumors? As it turns out, they were right on the money. Brock will launch a second outpost for his Mexican concept, Minero, inside the development’s Central Food Hall, according to Atlanta Magazine. Plans call for an April 2015 launch.

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A second Minero to open in Atlanta’s Ponce City Market - Charleston City Paper

Atlanta Magazine reports this morning that Chef Sean Brock is doubling his Minero concept with a second location in Atlanta’s Ponce City Market. The new location will be open in April 2015. Incidentally, Mixson was created by the same developers as Ponce City Market, Jamestown.

According to the market’s website, Minero will join other restaurants including Bread Box, H&F Burger, Honeysuckle Gelato, and Simply Seoul Kitchen.

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Chef Sean Brock to open Minero in Ponce City Market - Atlanta Magazine

The rumors are true: Charleston-based James Beard Award-winning chef Sean Brock is opening a restaurant in Atlanta. Together with David Howard of the Neighborhood Dining Group (Chicago’s Steaks & Seafood, Husk, and McCrady’s), Brock will bring Minero Mexican restaurant to Ponce City Market in April 2015.

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