Named after the Spanish word for “miner”, Minero represents the storied history of the taco, which supposes that Mexican silver miners named the dish in the 18th century. The word “taco” referred to the dynamite miners used to excavate the ore in the mines, which was made of pieces of paper wrapped around gunpowder and inserted into the holes carved in the rock face.


The Minero team tasted over 40 varieties of corn from different producers before choosing their favorites: Masienda and Riverview Farms. Using a traditional nixtamalization process to make fresh masa every day, Minero grinds the corn in house, which results in a truly authentic corn tortilla.

One of the types of corn Minero uses comes from Masienda, a company operated by Jorge Gaviria. Masienda’s goal is to connect with small independent farmers in Mexico who are growing single origin landrace varieties of corn to import to the United States. Minero uses a version of white bolita corn grown in the Michoacan region. By utilizing this amazing company and their unique products, we are able to create an incredibly delicious tortilla.


We are now open!


The Neighborhood Dining Group and Minero Atlanta are committed to the safety of our staff, guests and community. We will provide the highest standard of cleanliness and service. It is imperative that we offer a safe place for you to dine, and our teams to work. OUR TEAM WILL: wear face masks at all times, have their temperature and health checked upon arrival, wash their hands with frequency, disinfect surfaces after every use, and perform a nightly deep cleaning of the restaurant. OUR RESTAURANT WILL: be laid out with social distancing and directional parameters in mind, maintain a 6-foot minimum distance between tables, have a maximum of 8 guests per table, provide sanitizing areas for guest use, and provide single-use menus and products to protect all of us.


Our team looks forward to seeing you soon!


The only thing we won’t be masking is our HOSPITALITY.